A Journal for Officials'

Welcome to Official’s Journal


A little background on me and my project. I have been officiating since 2012 when I was in college. Over the years (and all officials know this) I have been told so many good tips and tricks. I have also learned so many lessons the hard way. I have found that my real problem wasn’t learning the lessons, it was remembering them. I did some research and I couldn’t find anything that was tailored to officials to write down their thoughts and recaps of games. So I decided to make one on my own. My number one goal was to make it non-sport specific; meaning it could be used in officiating any sport. I have been using The Official’s Journal for the past two seasons; making changes, demoing, etc. and I noticed an immediate improvement. The last thing I do before I hit the field is going over my notes in The Official’s Journal. I found that I was much more confident, which made me more relaxes and in turn made me a better official. Who knew that something this simple could boost my confidence on the field? I am finally happy with the layout and I am ready to put it out on the market. PLEASE let me know what you think about The Official’s Journal and how I can improve it. I am all ears.

Welcome to Official’s Journal.