The Official's Journal

The Official’s Journal: Football and Basketball Equipment MUST HAVE!


Football is officially started and basketball will be around the corner.

Is the time of year when Football and Basketball Equipment must be purchased.

Right now on, you can get your journal for as low as $8 per journal.

Officiating Equipment

As officials of any sport, we are all aware of how expensive it can be to pick up all the necessary equipment. I do not envy the baseball guys who have to spend upwards of $500 to get started. Having said all of that, I am very pleased to offer a piece of equipment that is less than $10, that I can guarantee you results.

Generation Effect

In the decision-making process, the brain will have to sift through a lot of information. How does it know if something is important to you? Well, if your mind sees that it is something that you have written down, it will assign greater importance to it. As a result, it is more likely to sink in and be remembered.