A Journal for Officials'

The Official’s Journal Summer Prep


Its that time of year when you should be paying dues to your association and conference. For me, that always signaled a couple of things:

  1. You need to start getting back into shape (This assumes that I was ever “in shape” to begin with).
  2. Familiarize yourself on the new rules changes for each of your levels of football (DON’T GET THEM CONFUSED)
  3. Sit down and write out your season goals.

Now that I have been using The Official’s Journal for several years, I add one more thing to that list.

I reference a couple of games a week from my last season, see where I failed, or came up short on rules knowledge or mechanics and make sure that I address those in the offseason.

Having the ability to know exactly what went wrong in a game from a year ago is such a valuable way to improve your game. We see THOUSANDS of snaps a year. Remembering every instance of improvement needed is impossible.

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